‘AND’ Life System

We believe in the philosophy that “Your business is a part of your life and not your life” and this has led to the creation of a lifestyle called the ‘AND’ Life. 

The focus is on every area of life- health AND wealth AND relationships AND business/career AND recreation AND spirituality AND contribution.

Lead or Bleed

An international bestseller, Rajiv Talreja’s debut work shares with you the P.A.C.E System of leadership using a fable which can help set you free from firefighting mode.

Using the P.A.C.E System you can develop a second-line leadership team on the job, and achieve breakthrough results as a team. This book also offers inspiring stories of icons, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and 50 leadership philosophies of India’s great workplaces.

Cattle or Catalyst

Karan Hasija’s Amazon bestseller talks about how to become a true ‘catalyst’ in your business, so that you can accelerate the performance of your business.

This book teaches you how to:

  • Hire and build a high performance team that functions like an army.
  • Develop and build a 2nd line team that can accelerate the business with responsibility and ownership.
  • Accelerate the performance of your team by being a true Catalyst.