Congrats! Your application is complete and your personal consultation is scheduled!​
Hey! Your personal strategy call with our Growth Consultant is now confirmed. Here is what you need to do before getting on the call.​
Save the date and time of the call [really important]!
Save the date and time of this call by going to your email and checking the details. We will dedicate an hour towards supporting you and would appreciate that you show up on time.
Make sure you have watched the video training
The strategy call will not be helpful to you if you have not watched the video training because you will be missing the bigger picture and what we share won’t make sense to you. If you forgot, then you can watch the video now by clicking here.
Go through our success stories 😊
We have worked with 3000+ businesses through our 1 to 1 coaching and hand-holding engagement with a success rate of 93.7%. We have worked with clients from as many as 180+ industries across South East Asia. Please go through some of our case studies so you are confident before getting on a call with our team. Click here. to access case studies and success stories.
Looking forward to our meeting!
-Rajiv Talreja