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Quantum Leap Group

Quantum Leap Group


Early 2007 saw the birth of an organisation which believed firmly in the possibilities of creating breakthrough results for organisations by leveraging their human capital. 5 years and over 100 organisations later, Quantum Leap has grown from being a single entity to being a group of companies which conducts business across domains ranging from Learning and Development,to Recruitment and Staffing Solution, to Event Management Services.

Our core philosophy has always been centered around being a Thought Force, rather than being simply a business entity. We endevour to improve existing ways and find newer services which help society and businesses to honour and fulfil their dreams.

In line with this ideology, a mission which we are very excited about, is to play the role of a catalyst to the formation of 100 business ventures by the year 2030. Every person working at any of the Quantum Leap Ventures is encouraged to think as a business owner would. They are encouraged to be engaged in a personal growth journey to become an entrepreneur, or pursue their passion.

The QL group is a story of honouring the human ability to Dream & Envision, Learn & Grow and Succeed and Celebrate.

We invite you to connect with us. Tell us your story and your dream.