About the
Quantum Leap Group

Our Methodology

Diagnosis Stage

  Requirements Gathering – We believe in providing the most customized solutions for our partners, to cater to a requirement in the most specific manner to be completely effective. Here we understand and analyse requirements from our partners to derive the scope of the solution we can provide.
  Data Gathering – Based on the requirements given, data gathering becomes a very crucial step in our process to customize our solution. Interviews with stakeholders (participants & other stakeholders in the value chain), questionnaires, assessments, Job Description Analysis, Performance records Analysis etc. are methods used to gather all relevant data pertaining to the requirement.
  Data Analysis – In this stage, derivations & inferences are drawn from the data gathered to arrive at key indicators & shifts which our solutions need to cater to. This is done to develop objectives & action points to display what should be the change post the implementation of the solution.
  Data Clustering – The inferences & derivations are clustered into design objectives. These are used to define the delivery methodology & content to construct the solution to achieve these objectives.

Design Elements

  Inferences & Derivations from the detailed analysis done is mapped to the objectives to construct a blue print of the design to be implemented. The premise of the program is constructed in order to create the foundation of the design.
  Modules are designed based on advanced R & D which would meet the objectives specified through the Data Analysis. Context based modules to facilitate paradigm shifts in motives & self-image as well as behavioural modules to facilitate enhancement of skill & implementation.
  Experiential learning like activities, role plays, focus group discussions, Mock Practice, Case Study Analysis, Audio-Visuals etc., to re-enforce the learning real time, in order to get participants to implement/experience the solution.

Delivery Process

  Assessments – Behavioural/Psychometric assessments are conducted to create benchmarks of the current situation of the participants. This goes into specific & individual needs of each participant which gives them a distinct area for them to focus on.
  Delivery Methodology – Based on the derivations & design, the most appropriate delivery methodology is adopted. Training, Outbound Experiential learning, Skill/Performance Coaching, On the Job Learning etc., based on the scope available as well as effectiveness of the method on the participants. We believe in using the most apt method of delivery to engage participants, and produce visible results.
  On the Job assignments – Our Solutions & programs all contain actionable items in the form of actions steps & assignments which participants can implement “on the job” in order to see impact immediately.
  Feedback, Coaching & Reinforcement – To facilitate the implementation of the solution, we enhance the learning experience of the participants by implementing feedback & coaching sessions in order to construct a clear direction & action path to see visible impact.

Delivery Effectiveness Measurement Modes – Various methods are used to measure effectiveness & impact based on the mode of engagement and intervention like BARS, Impact on KRA’s, Competency Audits, evaluation of action steps & On the Job Assignments, Psychometric tools & assessments etc., to ensure that clients & participants get complete value from the solution implemented.