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Quantum Leap Group

Leadership Development

Program Premise: Leadership is one of the most crucial elements in the success of any organization. This set of programs specifically focuses on equipping leaders with the ability to build high performance teams in the true sense of it, in order to move towards the organizations vision, goals & objectives. It focusses on transforming the ideology of leaders to be able to effectively influence & motivate people to build commitment in order to accelerate growth & performance.

Our Leadership Development focuses on equipping leaders with practicing the true behaviours of leadership to be able to build Influence, build empowering & responsive relationships & Invite commitment to be able to perform beyond the norm, with situations being the same & thus, produce results beyond the ordinary.

Methodology: Inbound Training, Behavioural & Skill Audits, Role Plays & Mocks, Experiential Activities.

Key Highlights

  Understanding Leadership & the ingredients required to build High Performance Teams.
  Building Trust to Build Commitment.
  Resistance – The Cancer of Trust & Commitment in Teams
  Managing & Resolving Conflict
  Building Responsive Relationships to Build Real Commitment
  Motivating Teams to Invite Commitment
  Enhancing Performance to produce Extraordinary Results.
  Tools to Lead Performance Proactively
  Planning & Focus Elements for Leaders
  Critical Communication in Leadership Positions Like Feedback & Accountability
  Effective Feedback Skills
  Facilitating & Managing Change
  Mentoring & Coaching Teams for Development & Enhancement of Performance
  Role Plays, AVs, Mocks, Case Studies & Experiential Learning Activities.

Key Outcomes

  Enable Leaders to build Trust & Commitment in teams.
  Enable Leaders to enhance Performance & Results of teams.
  Equipping Leaders with tools & techniques to sustain High Performance & Development.


High Performance Team Building
Conflict Management
Effective Feedback Skills
Mentoring & People Development
Facilitating & Managing Change
Leadership for First Time Managers