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Communication Enhancement

Program Premise: It takes many skills to successfully be a part of a healthy organizational set up. Among them, Communication Skills are arguably among the most fundamental of skills. Keeping this in mind, the Communication Skills programs designed by us work on the premise of applicability in the workplace. Each program is tailor made to suit the client’s requirements and is designed based on inputs from pre-training assessments. The programs include aspects from behavioural sciences which are taught to the participants as behavioural tools for them to apply at work.

Methodology: Inbound Training, Behavioural & Skill Audits, Role Plays & Mocks, Group & Individual Experiential Activities, Video Case Studies.

Key Highlights

  Understanding Communication and how the process of communicating is a nonstop activity.
  Awareness exercises to identify personal default communication patterns.
  Identifying the effectiveness of the communication based on the effectiveness of the individual.
  Identifying and understanding Value Propositions of other people to communicate with them effectively.
  Exploring the 5 levels of needs, and corresponding 5 levels on which you can sell/pitch ideas.
  Assertiveness: Understanding the difference between Aggressive, Passive, and Assertive behaviour. Practicing the steps to be assertive, along with a speech script for assertiveness.
  Accountability: Learning how to create and maintain ecosystems of accountability, along with a tool/script to hold people accountable.
  Email Etiquette: Learn the essentials of emails, right from the ABC’s to global etiquette elements.
  Learn how to present yourself and your idea in front of a large group of people. Preparation, Creation, and Execution of a Presentation.
  Communicate with the objective in mind, and pick up tools to enable you to achieve that objective.

Key Outcomes

  Participants will pick up scientific tools and techniques to improve their communication.
  Participants will be provided a practical platform to polish and improve their skills by applying the tools they learn.
  Other outcomes would be based on the specific module/delivery framework.


Effective Communication
Business Communication
Interpersonal Skills
Presentation Skills
Telephone Etiquette
Email Etiquette and Written English
Spoken English – Level 1 and 2
Tele Conferencing Skills
Accent Neutralization